Greater Manchester

FareShare Greater Manchester was launched in October 2008 to support communities to combat food poverty and food waste in and around Manchester. The operation is run by EMERGE 3Rs.

The team redistribute food to over 232 charities and community groups and new organisations are welcome all the time. Our community food members provide vitally needed meals, food parcels and snacks to hundreds of disadvantaged people every day. They work with a huge variety of people experiencing hardship from people who are homeless or unemployed, people dealing with substance abuse, refugees and asylum-seekers at drop-ins, Sure Start Centres, and breakfast and after-school clubs for children and young adults.

Find out more at: www.faresharegm.org.uk

Voices from FareShare Greater Manchester…

“The food that we have received from FareShare today will help us feed 200 vulnerable people.”
 Sister Lucy at Cornerstone, Greater Manchester

“”Breakfast Club is fun” – “I’m never late for school” – “I don’t get tired in the mornings anymore””
Children visiting the Marlborough Road Academy Breakfast Club

FareShare Greater Manchester

Units E1-8, New Smithfield Market,
Whitworth Street East, Openshaw,
Manchester, M11 2WJ

Tel: 0161 223 8200 option 4

Email: info@faresharegm.org.uk

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Partner Organisation: EMERGE 3Rs

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Opening times

Mon-Fri : 8am – 4.30pm
Sat-Sun : Closed

FareShare Greater Manchester