How to customise your Acceptance Email

When you accept a volunteer’s application through The Hub, the volunteer will automatically be sent an acceptance email.

By default, the acceptance email will say:

You can customise the content of the acceptance emails for each volunteering opportunity.

This allows you to add any next steps and guidance for the volunteer (and saves you from having to manually email each volunteer).

To customise your Acceptance Email

  1. To sign in, go to doit.life/fareshare
  2. Click ‘Sign In’ on the top right and enter your login details
  3. You will be directed to Your Spaces. (Can’t see this option? Click here for more help)
  4. Click ‘Recruit’
  5. Click ‘Opportunities’
  6. By default, you will see your ‘live’ opportunities. You can select the ‘draft’ and ‘expired’ tabs to navigate to any draft or expired opportunities accordingly.
  7. Click the three dots on the right of the opportunity you wish to update
  8. Select ‘Edit Opportunity’ on the dropdown
  9. Scroll down to Custom acceptance email (optional)
  10. Add a relevant Acceptance Subject and Acceptance message
  11. Click ‘Next’
  12. Click ‘Update Opportunity’ to save your changes

Any future acceptance emails for that opportunity will now include your custom copy.