FareShare FoodCloud in Tesco stores

3 June 2015

Brand new scheme FareShare FoodCloud to be piloted in Tesco stores to send unsold food that can be used to charities rather than be wasted

FareShare and the Irish social enterprise FoodCloud have announced a collaborative partnership designed to help UK retailers address the issue of edible surplus food they may have within their stores.

This innovative partnership, known as FareShare FoodCloud, brings together the technology platform developed by FoodCloud in Ireland and FareShare’s knowledge of the UK charity food redistribution market.

The scheme will initially be piloted and tested in partnership with Tesco and will lead to edible surplus food at store level being redistributed directly to frontline organisations.

FareShare FoodCloud is the latest innovation in FareShare’s three-year partnership with Tesco. This includes activity to access surplus food from their supply chain, distribution centres and dotcoms centres. This has contributed towards 4.5 million meals.

FareShare FoodCloud is currently being piloted in Tesco Extra Surrey Quays following which there will be a wider trial in four UK cities involving more stores. The project will work using an app that Tesco store managers will use to alert charities about the surplus food they have at the end of each day. The charity will then confirm it wants the food and will pick it up free of charge from the store. In this first stage, benefiting charities and community organisations are those already in receipt of surplus food from FareShare who have been checked to ensure that they can use it safely and appropriately.

Beneficiaries of the scheme will come from the wide range of charities including homeless hostels, women’s refuges and breakfast clubs for disadvantaged children as well as projects supporting the elderly and people struggling with addiction.

The great thing about the scheme is that once it has been trialled in Tesco stores, FareShare will work to roll it out to other supermarkets with the potential to create networks for charities and community groups across the country.

FareShare and Tesco are proud to be continuing their work together by developing a store-level solution that can be shared with others and help play a transformative role in addressing food waste and hunger in the UK.

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