FareShare welcomes Courtauld 2025 ambitions

15 March 2016

Tuesday 15 March 2016

Today, the charity WRAP launched Courtauld 2025, an ambitious voluntary agreement that brings together organisations across the food system – from producer to consumer – to make food and drink production and consumption more sustainable.

FareShare believes this a step in the right direction and welcomes their aims for a ‘20% reduction in food and drink waste arising in the UK’.

BBC Radio 4 Today programme visited our London Regional Centre in Deptford to speak to Director of Food Mark Varney about food waste.

He explained that Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and The Co-op, already have a number of initiatives in place to redistribute surplus food to FareShare so no good food goes to waste.

However, he said the real issue is further up the supply chain as four million tonnes of food waste is generated by UK food manufacturers, processors and packers each year.

The UK food and drink sector is one of world’s most innovative, customer-focused, efficient and successful. While they plan to avoid it, it is almost inevitable that most, if not all food manufacturers and processors, will have food they cannot sell, which will be wasted.

For a 20% reduction to be achieved, it is critical that food waste is reduced at manufacturers, processors and packers level. FareShare would encourage more manufacturers to become signatories to Courtauld 2025 and put processes in place to redistribute surplus food to charities like FareShare.

The biggest barrier affecting food manufacturers from giving their edible surplus food for charity redistribution is cost. The Government needs to introduce incentives similar to those in other European countries and in the USA – otherwise there won’t be a level playing field.