School Fundraising

There are many different ways your school can raise money to support FareShare, and whatever you decide to do, we have the tools to help you!

mufty day

Non-uniform day

Tried, tested and loved by pupils everywhere – try a non-uniform day with pupils paying £1 for the privilege of wearing their own togs for the day. Why not make teachers dress in uniform to really switch things around!

harvest festival

Harvest festival

Instead of collecting tins, hold an assembly about how much good food from every harvest goes to waste, while millions of people in the UK go hungry. If every child brings £1 to donate to FareShare, they can provide 4 meals for people in need.

school disco

School disco

D-I-S-C-O! Choose a theme, round up some volunteers and sell tickets to an all-years school disco. Sell refreshments to boost the fundraising effort.

Emmaus Sheffield receiving food from FareShare

Order our pack of fundraising ideas

For schools that undertake fundraising for us, we would be delighted to send a FareShare representative to give an assembly for any age group, to educate and inform students about food waste and hunger in the UK.


If you’d like to fundraise for us, please contact our Fundraising Team and we can share ideas and top tips to make your fundraising a success.