Our Work With AMT Fruit

AMT Fruit have been working with FareShare since October 2015 to ensure that any citrus fruit which would otherwise to go waste in their operation is used to benefit people in need.

The Process

AMT Fruit are a supplier of fresh citrus fruit to Tesco. They import and pack products at their site in Newmarket, which they send to Tesco distribution centres across the UK, ready to dispatch to Tesco stores.

Following an introduction to FareShare from Tesco buyers, AMT Fruit attended a Supplier Day hosted by FareShare and Tesco to learn about our operation, and subsequently began providing FareShare with any lemons, oranges and satsumas that they were not able to sell as intended.

Citrus fruit can become surplus for a variety of reasons, such as being out of specification on quality, incorrect packaging, end of shelf life samples or variable forecasting. When situations like these occur, AMT Fruit offer this fruit to FareShare after all alternative commercial routes are exhausted.

As a result, all of FareShare’s 20 Regional Centres regularly receive deliveries of fresh surplus fruit from AMT, which are redistributed amongst a wide range of frontline charities across the UK.


Since our partnership began (October 2015 – Dec 2017), AMT Fruit have provided FareShare with over 430 tonnes of citrus fruit, enough to contribute towards 1,000,000 meals for people in need.

Supplying surplus product to FareShare has also helped AMT Fruit meet its waste reduction target. Recently, the company signed up to the Sustainable Development Goal Target 12.3 which aims to ‘by 2030, halve per capita food waste at the retail and consumer levels and reduce food losses along production and supply chains, including post-harvest losses’. Through working with FareShare, AMT Fruit has made great strides towards this target – in 2017 alone, the company reduced the food waste total in their UK operation by some 280 tonnes, representing a 10% reduction overall.

AMT Fruit continue to be an advocate for FareShare, by presenting at subsequent Tesco Supplier Days, to promote the benefits of working with FareShare and to encourage more Tesco suppliers to come on board.

AMT Fruit employees have also supported FareShare by volunteering at Tesco stores during the Food Collection. The UK’s largest food drive invites Tesco customers to donate long-life cupboard essentials, such as rice, pasta, tea and coffee, during their shop. This food is used by FareShare to complement the predominantly fresh food that we receive from our food partners.

Naomi Pendleton, Head of Technical states: We started working with Fareshare in November 2015 with an open mind. We hadn’t really considered that our surplus stock, when of little commercial value, would have such wide reaching benefits for those in need. The relationship with FareShare has since brought us multiple benefits too – not only has it reduced our total waste to AD, it has also reduced our waste management overhead. Our staff have enjoyed taking part in the Christmas Tesco in-store collections and have read with interest where all our surplus product helps specific charities across the UK. At AMT, we appreciate what lengths our growers and packers go to providing the best possible quality for their customers and to see good fruit go to waste is something that we must all look to avoid.”

Colin Burcombe, Commercial Manager at FareShare says: “We are really proud to be working with AMT Fruit to put their surplus citrus products to the best possible use. The frontline charities we support are always in need of fresh produce to provide vital nutrition to the people they support. Working with AMT Fruit helps us to ensure that the most vulnerable people in society are able to access good quality, nutritious food.”