Our Work With Bidfood

FareShare has been working with foodservice wholesaler, Bidfood, since 2016 to redistribute their surplus food to good causes across the UK. The relationship has grown and strengthened over the years, with Bidfood not only engaging multiple sites of their own to work with FareShare but encouraging their suppliers and customers to do the same. They know that any food sent to FareShare is traceable so they have also authorised for any of their own brand stock from manufacturers to go to FareShare.

Bidfood operates as a foodservice wholesaler supplying fresh, frozen, and ambient products to customers in a wide range of sectors within the foodservice and catering industry, including local authorities, NHS trusts, prisons, hotel and restaurant chains as well as many independent operators in the hospitality industry.

The scale and capability of the FareShare network makes it an ideal partner for Bidfood. FareShare’s ability to take palletized stock, and the fact that it can take catering pack sizes is a real benefit to the company.

Bidfood continue to maintain regional partnerships with smaller food charities, however they credit FareShare with being a fantastic a central hub; making life easier for them as they have fewer collections and consolidated reports for all food donated.

Distributing food via FareShare also means that Bidfood are able to donate more, as the FareShare network can easily cope with large quantities of quite specific food items.

Working with FareShare has been an easy process for Bidfood and has helped them make a meaningful contribution to communities and people in need, whilst reducing their waste costs, and avoiding the environmental cost of waste food.

Bidfood see FareShare as a key enabler in helping them achieve their Food Waste Reduction target of 63% between 2020 and 2030, as part of their commitment to WRAP’s food waste roadmap. Bidfood often engage their suppliers and customers to work with FareShare, they promote both Fareshare and WRAP’s Food waste Reduction network via their LinkedIn group plate2planet so that they can help get surplus food to those in need.

Bidfood’s support for FareShare is widely understood throughout their company. It ticks every box for them – enabling them to have a measurable and positive impact on communities, helping the environment and saving costs.

“Fareshare and Bidfood have been working together since 2016 and FareShare have proven to be a fantastic partner in helping us distribute surplus food that would otherwise be at risk of going to waste, which is an undesirable scenario ethically, environmentally and commercially.

“FareShare provide us with a ‘one stop shop’ so that surplus food can easily be collected by one carrier, and then distributed to a whole range of smaller scale community groups, food banks, charities, homeless shelters, school breakfast clubs and more. FareShare makes it easy for us to get the food to those that need it, with a minimum of operational disruption.

“Covid-19 presented exceptional issues for us and our supply chains so FareShare once again stepped in to help redirect surplus food, at a time when food surplus from the foodservice and wholesale sector soared by an incredible 913% across the UK. FareShare are a trusted partner and are a key enabler in our food waste reduction objectives.”

Jim Gouldie, Bidfood’s Supply Chain and Technical Services Director