Our Work With Dominos

Domino’s has been working with FareShare since 2017 to ensure high quality food does not get sent to waste.

FareShare’s reach across the UK and Northern Ireland made it a great geographic fit for Domino’s who can divert a range of products including meat, vegetables, dairy and other items on a national scale.

Before working with FareShare, the food that was unable to be delivered to Domino’s franchisees sat in its supply chain centres waiting to be thrown away or used to generate green energy.

The knowledge that this perfectly good-to-eat food was being wasted did not sit right with the Domino’s business and fundamentally clashed with its values. It was this that prompted the company to reach out to FareShare and partner with us to divert its surplus products to people facing food insecurity.

Domino’s work with FareShare has raised the issue of food waste across its entire business, encouraging it to harness new technologies that have improved its ability to predict consumer demands. This has consequently led to a significant reduction in food waste. However, where there is surplus food, they ensure that through FareShare they are diverting it to help families across the UK and Northern Ireland who need it most.

Helping FareShare in our mission to tackle hunger whilst reducing its own environmental impact is something Domino’s employees feel hugely proud about. This work supports the company’s vision to deliver a better future through food people love and supports one of its core values: always do the right thing.