Our Work With Fruitful Office

Fruitful Office is an office fruit basket delivery company operating across the UK. They support a number of FareShare regional centres by ensuring they have a regular fruit provision for their charity members.

The Process

Fruitful Office, the office fruit basket delivery company, have a long history with FareShare. As part of their strict quality check processes, a certain amount of fruit every week is rejected and, in turn, repackaged and collected from their sites by FareShare. This fruit is carefully selected and sorted to ensure it is perfectly fit for consumption. Varieties include plenty of bananas, apples, clementines and pears. Fruitful Office first started working with FareShare back in 2009. At the time Fruitful Office was only three years old. 10 years on Fruitful Office is a much bigger company able to make much more significant contributions to FareShare. Nonetheless, the circular economy no-waste ethos which first brought us together back then is still very much present in our partnership today.


Fruitful Office provides FareShare with over 2 tonnes of fruit per week, the equivalent of over 4,500 meals. Volumes have been growing reflecting Fruitful Office’s growth and the relationship has grown from a local collection to supplying other multiple cities with fresh surplus fruits each week.

Vasco de Castro, Director at Fruitful Office says: “Ensuring our excess fruit doesn’t go to waste is an integral part of the Fruitful Office ethos and strong commitment to the circular economy. Supporting FareShare with the amazing work they are doing is a win-win solution we hope will continue for years to come”.

Samantha Lai, Commerical Officer at FareShare says: “We really appreciate the support of Fruitful Office. The fruits they provide have made a real difference in the sites receiving the food as the demand for fresh produce continue to grow”. Read more about Fruitful Office at https://www.fruitfuloffice.co.uk/