Our Work With Fyffes

Fyffes have been working with FareShare since 2013 to divert surplus bananas and pineapples that although perfectly edible, do not meet customer specifications and would of previously been sent to waste. Having access to fresh nutritious fruit is so important to the charities and community groups that receive food from FareShare.

Initially a local relationship, Fyffes diverted products to FareShare’s Scotland warehouses on an ad hoc basis. Over time Fyffes were able to embed processes across their multiple UK sites, scaling up support that allowed fruit to be redistributed weekly. By June 2021 they had reached the milestone of providing the equivalent of 1 million meals.

As part of Fyffes Sustainability Strategy, they have committed to reducing food loss in all of their own operations by 80% by 2030. Their work with FareShare will contribute towards achieving this target and to potentially expand their surplus fruit donations to new locations and support more local communities.

Fyffes understands the importance of reducing food waste and its effects on climate change. Fyffes sustainability targets, at the corporate level, are aligned to two UN Sustainable Development Goals; zero hunger and responsible consumption and production. Their partnership with FareShare plays a significant role in achieving both targets.

Their employees are proud of the company’s partnership with FareShare and they collectively aim to achieve their sustainability targets while supporting the most vulnerable communities.