Our Work With Gousto

Gousto started working with FareShare in December 2020. As a certified B Corp, reducing food waste and leaving people and the planet better off is something Gousto are passionate about and the partnership with was a natural fit for the company.

Gousto are incredibly proud of the positive social and environmental impact they are having by sending their surplus food to vulnerable people, and credit FareShare with dramatically cutting the amount of food that they send to anaerobic digestion. Where possible they will always aim to divert their surplus food to its intended purpose, feeding people.

Partnering with FareShare enables Gousto to link their sites nationwide with a network of local charities in a consistent, easy-to-implement way, helping local sites to establish and grow the volumes of surplus they are able to divert, which would otherwise be more complex. As the largest food redistribution charity operating on a national scale, Gousto also value the food safety measures that FareShare have in place.

Initially the partnership saw Gousto providing surplus food at their factories – food that’s in perfectly good condition, but doesn’t meet Gousto’s shelf life requirements. After exploring innovative ways to further reduce food waste in their operations, in Spring 2021 Gousto also set up a pioneering agreement between Gousto, FareShare and DPD, to rescue Gousto boxes that can’t be delivered in the DPD system and divert them to charities.

Gousto are committed to growing the partnership with FareShare as they launch more sites, and they’re also hoping to roll out their ‘failed box donation’ to other courier partners in the future.

“8.4 million people in the UK struggle to afford a meal. At Gousto, we are committed to both benefiting the communities around us and stamping out food waste. We’re incredibly proud of the impact of our partnership with FareShare, which has helped to feed people who may otherwise go hungry and supported a wide range of frontline charities.”

Hugh Lewis – Head of Proposition Strategy