Our Work With Rush Group

Rush Group has been working with FareShare since May 2019 to meaningfully maximise the fresh produce they grow and reduce the need to move surplus or off specification crops to landfill or animal feed.

Rush Group work alongside an international network of specialist farmers to offer a continual supply of fresh produce throughout the year. Their goal is to have their operations free from food waste, whilst positively impacting the lives of those experiencing food poverty.

One of the ways they are working towards achieving this is through their work with FareShare, sending weekly volumes of surplus produce including potatoes, onions, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes. In the first two years of the partnership Rush group provided FareShare with the equivalent of over 2 million meals.

Whether items are too small, too big or too wonky for their customers, they credit FareShare with giving them a great alternative to maximise what they grow, source and pack.

They believe their partnership with FareShare adds a greater sense of purpose to what they do and inspires their team to explore further ways in which they can address greater societal and environmental challenges across different supply chains.

Food waste is a significant risk factor for Rush Group when assessing their sustainability as a company. When it comes to surplus fruit or vegetables their goal is to be as responsible as possible in the environment they work in. FareShare provides them with a way to achieve this and their employees feel inspired, challenged and delighted to help.