Why work with us?

From boosting staff morale to achieving your commitments under Sustainable Development Goal 12.3, working with FareShare can benefit your business.

Meet your sustainability goals

Diverting your surplus food to frontline charities helps you to achieve your businesses commitments under the WRAP/IGD Food Waste Reduction Roadmap to Target – Measure – Act to reduce your food waste, it:

  • Allows businesses to measure and report consistently and with confidence
  • Helps food businesses take targeted action to reduce waste in their own operations, their supply chain and from consumers
  • Helps the food sector deliver against Courtauld 2030 targets
  • Helps the UK deliver its part in Sustainable Development Goal 12.3

We will work with you to identify edible surplus food and then safely divert it through our UK-wide network of almost 11,000 charities, delivering measurable social impact in the communities you operate within.

Increase staff engagement

As well as boosting businesses’ sustainability credentials, redistributing surplus food to charities also helps to engage customers and staff. Find out what some of our food partners say about working with FareShare.

Help charities on your doorstep

Fresh surplus food means charities can offer their clients a varied, healthy diet, and the money they save on their food bills can be reinvested back into their vital services. Without food from FareShare, one in five charities say they would have to close. Read some of our stories behind the meals.

FareShare’s Surplus with Purpose Fund

Find out if your business is eligible for funding to cover any additional costs associated with redistributing food.