“Good food gives you energy, it lifts your mood.”

24 August 2016

24 August 2016


We’re celebrating a major milestone this week: through FareShare FoodCloud, our new programme to connect Tesco stores with local charities, an incredible 1 MILLION MEALS have been saved from waste and redistributed to people in need.

One of the charities using surplus food to provide life-changing support is Brushstokes, supporting refugees and vulnerable people in Birmingham. Project Manager Teresa Clements (right) shares their story.
[/three_fourth] [one_fourth_last]Image of Teresa Clements, Project Manager at Brushstrokes


“A good meal and a friendly face greets everyone, from refugees and asylum seekers to women fleeing domestic violence, who arrives at our centre. The food from FareShare is used to provide emergency sustenance to people when they are most in need. It’s given together with the support for people to feel settled and safe.

The people we work with often have very little and this food is a lifeline for them. Last year we supported 1,000 people. One woman was living in a hostel with her three children after fleeing the war in Syria. We found out the family were surviving on just toast and milk. We were able to give her emergency food from FareShare. She said ‘Thank you very much for your kindness. My children and I appreciate what you have done for us. We will eat well today.’

We help people to overcome isolation and settle into the local community, starting with help with food and clothes through to taking English exams and finding a home and a job. Our befriending and outreach service visits people who might be lonely, giving them an opportunity to talk about the things that have troubled them.

Person giving surplus bread saved from waste by FareShare


Good food is a tremendous boost

We’ve had all sorts of fruit and veg through FareShare, lots of wonderful grapes, celery, oranges, things we couldn’t normally afford. The increase in vital nutritional items through FareShare really makes a difference. Health isn’t very good locally as food slips down people’s priorities when they’re struggling on £30 a week. Good food is important as it boosts your energy and can lift your mood. Mental health issues are very common with the people we work with, who might have been tortured or experienced the horror of a war zone. Alongside the counselling we provide, the meals we serve are a tremendous boost.”