How to catch a surplus haggis

24 January 2017

24 January 2017

The wild haggis hunt may be the stuff of Scottish folklore but at FareShare this Burns Night, the surplus haggis hunt is in full swing. Our teams north of the border are busy redistributing haggis that would otherwise go to waste to local charities and community groups, helping to ensure that no-one has to miss out on the traditional Burns Supper. Follow our haggis hunt below.

Hunting the haggis in Edinburgh and Glasgow

The hunt gets off to a good start as a haul of haggis, which would otherwise go to waste, arrives into FareShare Central & South East Scotland from Macsween. Isla and Emma take delivery of the delicacy before it’s sorted and packed ready for distribution to charities. One of these is St Catherine’s ‘Soup Kitchen’, who will make it the centrepiece of their Burns Supper for 100 vulnerable people from the local community.

The haggis also makes it into a Burns Supper “Lunch” at Cyrenians Good Food – a scheme supporting vulnerable people to access good food and increase their confidence in the kitchen – served up here by Christopher.

Chris serves up Burns Supprt "Lunch" at Cyrenians Good Food


The perfect Burns Supper from Strathmore Foods

When Strathmore Foods realised they had an excess of their well-known Burns Suppers, instead of waiting for them to become waste, they contacted FareShare to ensure they could be put to good use. Julie Nisbet, Managing Director of Strathmore Foods explains “A cancelled order unfortunately meant we had a number of our meals going to waste but we’re delighted to offer over 400 Burns Suppers to FareShare especially as Burns Night draws near.”

The team at FareShare Tayside and Fife load Strathmore Burns Suppers onto the van ready to go to charities.  

FareShare Tayside and Fife have been redistributing the Haggis, Neeps & Tatties ready-meals to charities helping those who would otherwise go without celebrating this Burns Night, including youth clubs for disadvantaged children and lunch clubs for older people who may be socially isolated.

Haggis, neeps and tatties

But what makes the perfect Burns Supper? We asked Sarah McDonald, Marketing Manager at Strathmore Food just that. She told us “The key has got to be the haggis, neeps & tatties! These days I’ve seen lots of new haggis recipes but the traditionalist in me always says it’s got to be the good old haggis with the neeps & tatties. It’s the company too. There’s so much fun and laughs to be had at Burns Supper with great company!”