In pictures: Cooking in the holiday kitchen

19 September 2016

1 September 2016

This summer we’ve been busy redistributing good food that would otherwise go to waste to children’s holiday clubs, supporting them to provide free meals alongside fun things to do.  Holiday clubs help to ease the financial burden that the six week break – with the absence of free school meals and the added pressure to pay for activities – can place on parents.

To see this work in action, we went along to Golden Hillock Holiday Kitchen in Birmingham to hear how they have been using surplus food from FareShare to lend a helping hand to parents.


Good food and good fun at Golden Hillock Holiday Kitchen

Making pizzas out of surplus pitta bread was top of the itinerary for Raya (above) and her fellow holiday clubbers, aged 1 to 11, on the day we visited Golden Hillock Holiday Kitchen.

As well as taking the stress out of the holidays, encouraging families to cook together and eat well is an integral part of the four week scheme. Using surplus food redistributed to them by FareShare, the team runs simple cooking sessions and shares tips on budgeting and nutrition too. Manager Noshin told us “Parents really benefit from the freshness of the food, it helps us promote health and well-being.”

Teon (below) even discovered a new favourite fruit this summer. “Teon has started to eat more healthily since coming here” mum Jazzmin said.  “We made fruit kebabs with blackberries in one of the sessions, Teon and I hadn’t tried blackberries before and now we both really like them!”.

20160816_fareshare_059When life gives you pitta, make pizza – Teon tops his pizza with sweetcorn and mushrooms

How surplus food is funding holiday fun

Every surface of Holiday Kitchen’s bright play room is covered with creations made by children over the holidays, from clay statuettes to collages of leaves and feathers.

Money saved on food due to using surplus from FareShare helps to fund these craft activities. Noshin told us “FareShare has really made a difference. The money we save allows us to invest in more resources, such as materials for our Olympic themed bag decorating.”

Activities are a big draw for many of the families who attend. For mum of three Amina (below) “The biggest benefit of Holiday Kitchen is that it keeps the children busy. In the holidays it can be hard to find alternatives to watching the TV as there’s a lot of hours to fill. Holiday Kitchen makes it easier.”

20160816_fareshare_00520160816_fareshare_062Above: Baby Abdullah fills up on fruit while sister Aafia and brother Sharjeel get stuck into making pitta bread pizzas. Food from FareShare keeps the children going through a morning packed with activities such as face painting and singing.


Above: Raya concentrates on decorating a bag with the Olympic rings while twins Niara and Ketura start good habits early by playing with plastic veg.

Surplus lunch bunch

Once hands have been washed and toys tidied away, everyone comes together at 1pm to eat their homemade pitta bread pizzas with salad on the side, followed by fruit and yoghurt from FareShare. Friendships are formed over the lunch table and new favourite foods discovered by Raya and Teon below.




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