Increase in demand from charities prompts call for chilled food surplus

16 February 2017

15 February 2017

Over the past 12 months, charity-sign ups to FareShare have increased by 144%. This means over 414,000 beneficiaries are now being supported with food through FareShare every week. To meet the growing demand we are seeking even more food companies, in particular those from chilled food manufacturing and processing businesses, to get involved, and in doing so find a solution for dealing with their surplus food that also has a social good.

Andy, a resident at Emmaus Sheffield homeless housing, prepares salad for lunch using surplus food.

FareShare’s Director of Food, Mark Varney said “It is testament to on-going efficiencies within our partners that volumes of surplus food are often irregular and FareShare is always keen to see food waste minimised. However, we’re currently seeing an increased demand, in particular for chilled food, including protein, dairy and ready meals from the 5,589 charities across the UK to which we provide food on a weekly basis and so we’re putting a specific request out to Operations Managers, Marketing Managers and CSR Officers to contact us and see where their companies can get involved.”

Most charities and community groups that receive food from FareShare, cook hot, nutritious meals on site for their beneficiaries, which they provide alongside life-changing support services. Speaking about the food they receive from FareShare, Teresa Clements, Project Manager at Brushstrokes a community project in Birmingham explains why having access to wholesome foods is so important for the people they support: “The increase in vital nutritional items that we can provide because of FareShare really makes a difference. Health and nutrition isn’t very good locally. If you’re living on £30 a week, life is tough and you can only afford very little. Your money has to cover everything so food can drop down your priorities.”

Andy, a resident at Emmaus Sheffield, a safe place where people who were once homeless can find somewhere safe and welcoming to live, explains how having access to fresh, nutritious food is a lifeline for people like himself:

“Our lives would be significantly shorter without the home cooked meals made with FareShare food every day. Life expectancy is low for homeless people, 40 to 50. That isn’t only about living in rough conditions, a lot of that is about the availability of food and the quality of that food. It’s hard to imagine Emmaus without FareShare. I’m sure every single person would agree it makes such a big difference to our lives.”

Can your company help?

Companies able to support our drive for surplus chilled foods (meat, fish, ready meals, pies, meal accompaniments, dairy, fresh pasta & pizza, delicatessen foods, prepared fruit and vegetables) should email foodoffers@fareshare.org.uk,contact  020 7064 8911 or find out more on our Giving Food page.