“It is just a really heart-warming experience”

24 May 2016

Jonathan from the University of Kent volunteered for FareShare at our Christmas Neighbourhood Food Collection as part of a group from the Greenwich and Kent Student Unions. We caught up with him and found out how the Neighbourhood Food Collection changed his year.

Jonathan (right) with a team of students from the University of Kent.

So Jonathan, how did you find out about the Neighbourhood Food Collection?

It was one of the volunteering opportunities offered by the Students’ Union. I had never done anything like it before so I thought I would sign up and give it a try. It was just before Christmas and so was nice to do something to give back. And because it was just a one off event for a few hours it seemed like something easy to do to help people.

And did you sign up with friends?

No I signed up by myself but was volunteering with other students. However I would definitely encourage my friends to do it in the future, it’s a really worthwhile thing to do and good to do in a group.

How did you find the actual experience of volunteering?

I was quite nervous before I started because I have never really had to approach strangers before but as soon as I got into it, it was absolutely fine and I actually really enjoyed talking to people as they came in. The experience gave me confidence and showed me that I could approach shoppers. After the collection, I actually applied and got a job as a Student Ambassador for Kent, which has been great. The experience of talking to the general public really helped me and motivated this.

Do you have any stand out memories of the collection?

I can’t think any stand out memories, the whole experience was just really enjoyable and people were so generous. It was amazing how many people donated and how happy it made them. It is just a really heart-warming experience.

Lastly, do you think you would volunteer for the Neighbourhood Food Collection again?

Definitely! I would definitely do it again. It was a really easy thing to do and I had a really good time.

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