Celebrating two years of partnership with Kerry Foods!

29th November 2017

Kerry Foods two year anniversary with FareShare

This November marks our two year anniversary with manufacturer Kerry Foods, one of FareShare’s top food partners.

Over the past two years, Kerry Foods have provided FareShare with enough food to make over 320,000 meals for people in need.

Volunteering experience

To celebrate our anniversary, a team of colleagues from Kerry Foods’ Dairy site in Ossett took some time out to give back and volunteered with FareShare Yorkshire.

Following an introductory presentation and a tour of the Barnsley warehouse, the Kerry Foods team hit the road to help redistribute food to those in need.

Emma and Hannah headed to Bradford, first to a school and then to a community centre. Emma said it was both a ‘shocking’ and ‘sad’ experience and explains “I couldn’t believe our first stop was a school! But their breakfast club isn’t funded and many parents struggle to pay the fees so the food from FareShare really helps.

“At the community centre we then met with a number of charities who meet weekly to collect food from FareShare. They then cook the food and give it out to those in need.”

Hannah says, “I got involved as I thought it’d be an interesting day given that I didn’t know much about FareShare. It was eye-opening to see the almost hidden world that FareShare and the charities work in.”

Tony adds, “Rightly or wrongly I had a vision of what I would see and encounter during that day, however my image couldn’t have been further from the truth. I was amazed by the number of volunteers who support in sorting all the food that arrives at the site.

“I spent the day out on a van with another volunteer, Eddie, who was the driver for the day. We delivered food parcels to a number of places including homeless shelters and schools who run free breakfast clubs. We spoke to all of the customers we visited that day which in itself was a fantastic experience and to understand how FareShare provides support to the community is second to none. I enjoyed the experience and I’m proud to work for a company who support this cause.”

“During my day on the van we spoke to all of the charities we visited, which in itself was a fantastic experience to understand how FareShare provides support to the community, it’s second to none. I enjoyed the experience and I’m proud to work for a company who support this cause.”

Anthony (Tony) Walker, Maintenance Manager at Kerry Foods

Kerry Foods employees volunteering at FareShare Yorkshire

Employees from Kerry Foods’ Dairy site in Ossett volunteering with FareShare Yorkshire.

How the food helps

To find out how the food from FareShare and Kerry foods makes a real difference to local frontline charities in the area, we caught up with one of FareShare’s charity members, The Barnsley Churches Drop-In Project (BCDP).

Caroline Hyde, Project Lead at BCDP explains, “We initially started out helping people who were homeless and sleeping in the park, but this has now grown. We’re seeing more people come in who can’t afford to live and have to make the choice between heating and eating. So if they can get a good hot meal here then they know they can afford to heat their house or can afford to feed their family. It helps take the pressure off. We even have people who’ve had their own successful business, but their life has changed and now they need support.”

BCDP has been a member of FareShare Yorkshire for nearly one year, and receive a regular weekly delivery of food every Thursday, which they use for their meals service.

Caroline continues, “We cook full hot dinners, with meat and vegetables on Thursday and Friday and a full cooked breakfast on a Monday. We feed up to 150 people each session and thanks to the food from FareShare we can provide for everyone and not turn anyone away. It’s a lifeline; it really is!”

Caroline explains how important the food from Kerry Foods is to their operation, “We use the sausages provided by Kerry Foods for our Monday cooked breakfast. We cook around 200 sausages every Monday so this food is such a great help! We also use the spreads and sliced meat for our sandwiches which we prepare for people to take away with them, so they have something to eat later in the day.”

The Barnsley Churches Drop-In Project (BCDP)., FareShare charity member

Caroline Hyde and volunteers at The Barnsley Churches Drop-In Project (BCDP), a frontline charity that benefits from surplus food from Kerry Foods, via FareShare Yorkshire.

Want to find out more about our work with Kerry Foods? Read their case study here

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