Catching up with Amanda at FareShare Hull and Humber

17 February 2020

Amanda Daggett has been volunteering as a Drivers Assistant at FareShare Hull and Humber for almost a year. She took on the role after retiring from her job as a DBS advisor at Hull County Council, where she’d previously worked for 38 years. 

Friendly and sociable, Amanda loves being a part of a team. As well as chatting to the volunteers in the warehouse the part of her role she likes the most is getting out of the vans to meet the charities. 

“One of the charities is a homeless shelter,” says Amanda. “I always come in and say hello, and the people there are always excited about what we have for them today, knowing it will be their lunch and their dinner. You have to talk to people the same whether they’re homeless or if they have three million pounds.” 

One of the charities Amanda delivers to is a pantry project in a school, where parents and local residents can pick up a selection of goods for a small membership fee. “There’s a room available there which gives people the chance for a free tea and coffee and a chat.” Amanda explains that often the chance to socialise is the most important thing. “People love it and it brings the community together. It’s the same for OAP lunches and church meals – the important part is that people come for the social aspect. They could have lunch themselves at home, but this gets them together.” 

Amanda credits volunteering at FareShare Hull and Humber with keeping her active. “Doing volunteering gives you a reason to get up, and it really helps with my wellbeing.

“It’s something completely different from working in an office,” Amanda says. “If you have time on your hands then volunteer at FareShare – you won’t regret it!”