Cracking Good Food are building a more food secure future in Manchester

10 March 2022

Cracking Good Food is a nonprofit social enterprise that has been supporting the Greater Manchester community in creating affordable and nutritious meals from wholesome ingredients.  By dedicating their time to community outreach, Cracking Good Food’s mission is to work with vulnerable overlooked populations dealing with food insecurity and poverty. With FareShare’s assistance, Cracking Good Food was able to put together a variety of projects, including the Veg Up Project from July to September, in hopes of supporting families throughout the pandemic and beyond. 

“Most of the people we were supporting throughout these projects were large families,” shared Gemma Foxcroft, Co-Director of Cracking Good Food. “And people loved receiving the food. It gave people an opportunity to try a new recipe with new ingredients at no financial risk to them that they would then go on to include in their diets moving forward.” 

Working through the pandemic 

Cracking Good Food’s efforts are generally focused on teaching individuals and groups how to source and cook affordable, healthy and tasty meals from scratch, but the pandemic threw a spanner in their normal plans. The organisation adapted by harnessing over 10,000 volunteer hours to cook and distribute over 76,000 meals to those in need throughout the community.  

“The Veg Up Project was designed to help families feeling the impact of the pandemic,” said Gemma. “Fifty households from each city received 12 weekly veg bags with recipes, tips, suggestions for food websites to check for recipes and other ways to support people to eat affordably and accessibly throughout the lockdown period.” 

Making a difference with FareShare 

With help from FareShare, Cracking Good Food Veg Up Project felt capable of assisting families in need.  

“The produce largely came from FareShare, and it was very useful to families because it helped to alleviate that extra pressure,” said Gemma. “We often found that kids were waiting for their bag delivery and were always very excited to receive it. A lot of people reported back that their kids became more engaged with fresh produce and cooking.” 

In the future, Gemma and her team hope to see communities that are more food secure — people having adequate access to nutritious food. In partnership with FareShare, Gemma feels hopeful that there’s an opportunity to create a more positive food culture where people understand where their food comes from and have community resilience so people have the skills to cook. 

“We’re always here to support food security and decrease food waste,” she said. “Without FareShare’s help, it wouldn’t be possible to reach as many people in a way that’s affordable.”