How EATS Rosyth has been getting surplus food from Asda to Fife communities in need

3 September 2020

EATS Rosyth is one of thousands of community food charities across the UK which are working tirelessly to respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

When the lockdown was enforced, with support from Fife council, the group quickly moved into Camdean Community Centre and has been providing emergency food aid and to people in need throughout South West Fife ever since.

The project has been making regular weekly collections through FareShare Go since April 2017 and collects surplus food from Asda St Leonards and Asda Dunfermline – a service which has proved invaluable as they work to respond to the needs of the local community.

Karen Dorrat, Food Project Manager at EATS Rosyth, said: “The way we work has completely changed as a result of the pandemic.

“We were originally set up as a community based organisation, with a focus on bringing people together, where we had a community hub for people to meet and socialise, volunteer and use their skills. Now it’s the complete opposite, as soon as this all happened we had to shut.

“We have a small core team of staff still working and some of our more vulnerable volunteers have had to stay home and are now helping the project in different ways, such as befriending calls to each other and referring relatives or neighbours.

“Now we’ve had to work towards emergency food aid as we work with people in crisis, those who are isolating and can’t get to the shops, people who are ill, the elderly, people who are not classed as high-risk so not getting government food boxes, but may still have trouble accessing food. We’re also delivering to key workers who are finding it hard to get to the shops. There are lots of different categories of people we’re helping now.

“Home deliveries are something we’ve never done before, so we’ve had to recruit some driver volunteers. We had some anyway, those who would help by collecting the surplus food from Asda, but now they’re helping with delivering food parcels too.