How volunteering raises Hannah’s awareness of food waste

6 September 2017

At FareShare, we are very grateful for all the help provided by students who come and sort surplus food. Volunteering is about giving time and energy, but it also is about gaining skills and raising awareness. For the second day of Student Volunteering Week, we asked our own student volunteer Hannah a few questions about how she feels about her experience at FareShare Northern Ireland.

Why do you volunteer at FareShare?

I am currently a student at Ulster University in Coleraine studying geography and part of the course gave me the opportunity to do a placement year. As I have an interest in food waste and food poverty, I thought that volunteering in this area would be a great way of getting an insight into these issues in Northern Ireland.

How does volunteering fit in with your studies?

My proposed dissertation for my final year is based on food poverty and homelessness in the greater Belfast area. The experience and knowledge that I have gained at FareShare has given me a clear insight into some of the issues surrounding this topic. Volunteering with FareShare will definitely benefit me in my further studies and employment.

What skills do you gain by volunteering at FareShare?

Since joining FareShare I have learnt a lot of different skills. FareShare focuses heavily on working in teams and the importance of being a good team member to get the job done quickly and efficiently. FareShare has also helped me improve my organisation skills, by looking at what needs completing and planning my time to make sure that everything gets done.

Also my communication skills have improved, by sending out emails and talking to clients on the phone. Working at FareShare has also helped me appreciate what I have in life and how quickly life can change due to circumstances beyond your control.

About warehouse volunteering

  • Sort through surplus food in our warehouse and ensure its quality and safety.
  • Organise food into orders for our charity members.
  • Perfect if you are looking for a practical activity, looking to gain experience or just want to make a difference in your community.
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