Millman Street Community Centre

27 February 2018

Millman Street Community Centre in Holborn, London is a lunch and social club for older people. Each day, around 20 service users relax in a friendly environment and take part in a range of activities for all abilities and interests.

Many of these activities are suitable for people with dementia and physical or sensory disabilities.

A lot of the centres older people live alone without the support of family or a carer to encourage them to eat. They don’t have the opportunity to cook or have nutritious food at home so will eat microwave meals and stuff out of tins. As a result, the older people tend to be extremely socially isolated and lonely.

TESCO Millman Street Resource Centre

Food is nutritious – and therapeutic

The lunch club is at the heart of the community centre. It’s safe to say that the majority of Millman Street’s members wouldn’t attend the centre without getting a healthy, nutritious and balanced meal from the food provided by FareShare as for some of them this will be the only thing they eat all day.

Andrew Rogers, Community Centre Manager at Millman Street, said: “Every Wednesday we receive our FareShare delivery with a good selection of meat, veg, cakes, bread, milk and fruit juice. Healthy eating is very important for our older people with weakened immune systems, so the fruit and vegetables are really appreciated.”

He adds: “Signature dishes that our members always enjoy are the meat dishes, whether this be lamb chops or beef stew. For our vegetarians we are able to do a very nice macaroni cheese or cauliflower cheese. We find that FareShare food really does suit our purpose as the quality is ideal for our older people.”

One centre member, Ivy Tilesdon, 83, said: “The people down here are so lovely, and the staff are brilliant. So are all the volunteers. It’s nice to have something to do, it’s like therapy really. The food is something to look forward to and it’s so nice that you haven’t got to make it all yourself.”

Beneficiaries at Millman Street Community Centre enjoying some food and conversation. Image ©Licensed to i-Images Picture Agency. 11/10/2017. London, United Kingdom. Tesco and Fareshare at Millman Street Resource Centre in London, UK. Picture by Ben Stevens / i-Images

How you can help

Millman Street Community Centre is one of 224 charities and community groups across the capital which receive food from FareShare London. The FareShare London warehouse in Deptford is seeking dozens of volunteers who can spare time during the week to help ensure that good, surplus food gets to the people who need it most. If you’re interested in volunteering, tell us by filling in this form – your help will be greatly appreciated by lots of charities and community organisations like Millman Street Community Centre.

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