Pizza business helps provide the equivalent of 4,000 meals for charities supported by FareShare

2 August 2021

Bristol-based business PizzaRova has raised essential funds for FareShare in a campaign called Feed You Feed Two taking place over the May half-term break. Every sourdough pizza bought led to a 50p donation to FareShare, helping provide the food equivalent of more than 4,000 meals for vulnerable people across the UK.

During the pandemic, staff at PizzaRova closely followed the news on hunger and free school meals and were inspired to find a food-led cause to support. FareShare was the perfect local fit, with delivery vans visible dropping food off in communities across Bristol. The PizzaRova team got in touch to offer up their generous support.

PizzaRova ran the campaign as organically as possible and their loyal customer-base made a huge difference. In addition to adding posters in PizzaRova stores, Bristol foodies shared content on social media to create a buzz online. The donation from each pizza was a fantastic opportunity for existing customers to play their part.

Regulars at PizzaRova were excited to see their favourite pizza store involved in tackling hunger. The opportunity to make a big difference by the simple act of visiting their nearby restaurant went down really well in the community. Local teachers working first-hand with children impacted by hunger shared their positive experiences of the initiative.

Alice Hier, marketing representative at PizzaRova, said: “PizzaRova and FareShare married together really well for this campaign. We’ve supported different charities before, including in our monthly pizza special, but this was the first time that we prepared and launched an organised campaign. For other small businesses thinking about running something similar I would say go for it. Try to do it with the right incentive and if it’s your first time running a campaign use it as an opportunity to learn. Enjoy the challenge and make sure you pick a fun catchy title.”

A huge thank you to PizzaRova and their staff, customers and everyone else involved for supporting FareShare.

Find out more about fundraising opportunities with FareShare here.