Spreading the love with FareShare

31 January 2020

When Northamptonshire couple Hannah and Luke decided to tie the knot last year they wanted to make sure their special day perfectly reflected their passion for environmental causes.

Hannah explains that she came across FareShare after searching online for a charity to donate to in lieu of wedding favours. “We’d been at a wedding the previous year where they gave silicon wristbands of the charities that were important to the couple,” Hannah explains. “When we were thinking about favours, we talked about making a donation to charity – but I wasn’t a fan of plastic wristbands – not good for the environment!”

“We were also talking one day about how lucky we were to be able to plan the wedding of our dreams and that we could invite all of our friends and families. Given the food bill is one of the biggest parts of day, it all sort of clicked together.  I then started searching for food banks and charities, and FareShare came up!”

On the big day itself the couple handed out tiny jars of jam to guests, labeled ‘spread the love’ with a note explaining that ‘when you spread the jam on your toast you’ll also be spreading the love a little further as a donation has been made in your name in appreciation of the food you’re about to eat.’

Hannah said: “The guests all loved the food at the wedding –  South Farm has a wonderful team of chefs and most of the food served is grown on the Farm – and so the food is something everyone talked about after the day. I like to imagine that our donation meant that someone else had a lovely meal that day too!”

Hannah and Luke’s donation meant that FareShare could redistribute enough surplus food to create 480 meals for those in need. Thank you (and congratulations!) to Hannah and Luke!