Students at Oxfordshire school pick ‘dastardly challenges’ for headmaster and staff in support of FareShare

26 May 2021

Oxfordshire boys school, Cothill House, raised an incredible over £16,500 for FareShare, the equivalent of more than 66,000 meals for people facing hunger across the UK.

The school’s fundraiser known as #challengecothill ran for nine weeks between January and March 2021. Pupils and social media followers were invited to hand-pick ‘dastardly challenges’ for the headmaster and staff. This included cooking and eating a jelly omelette and undertaking a 24-hour non-stop HIIT workout.

Duncan Bailey, Headmaster, said: “We wanted to come together to support FareShare and make a difference. We passionately believe we all have a role to support each other and help one another during challenging times.”

Deciding on the right fundraiser

Cothill House came up with the fundraiser to bring their student community together and highlight the importance of supporting others during the pandemic. With the boys unable to come in to school during the winter lockdown and students from all across the globe, it was a meaningful way to create a connection outside of the classroom.

The community was able to engage a wide network using social media platforms, videos and live-streaming their inventive challenges. The campaign attracted significant media interest and press coverage, even receiving a video message of support from Joe Wickes during the 24-hour HIIT workout.

Sharing their fundraising story

For others thinking of taking on a fundraising challenge, including community groups or schools, Director of Communications at Cothill House has provided a tip: “It’s important to be realistic about the time it takes to get your fundraiser out into people’s consciousness. Give people the opportunity to take it in and share your fundraising story as much as you can.”

From all of us at FareShare, thank you Cothill House for the time and effort that have been put into this campaign. We are grateful to the staff, pupils and everyone else involved. In challenging times, stories of support and creativity like this highlight the impact we can have as a community.