Teenager Adam builds unique standing desks and raises funds for FareShare

24 September 2021

Adam, a 14-year-old school student based in the Midlands, came up with his own unique way to raise funds for FareShare. He created and is selling an adjustable, flexible and easy to store standing desk. Sales of these attractive desks have so far raised enough funds for FareShare to deliver the equivalent of 4,000 meals in food.

The project began while the young design enthusiast kept busy with DIY projects in the school holidays and lockdown, such as building tables and bookshelves. Last Christmas, his interest took on a new direction when seeing the amount of time his dad spent at a desk. It inspired Adam to build a standing desk to give to his dad for Christmas.

Adam’s desk was not only a hit with his dad, but his dad’s friends too. Many of them started requesting the desk for themselves, so to meet its growing popularity Adam adapted his plans accordingly. He said: “I couldn’t do this myself at home because after all, I’ve got to go to school… So I did some research and found a manufacturer who then used my computer drawings of my design to make the desk.”

From the start, Adam wanted the project to make a positive difference. Profits from the desks have played a valued part helping FareShare to tackle hunger. He chose to fundraise for FareShare, as he felt it was especially relevant to his age group having heard about Marcus Rashford’s work in the news and the devastating impact of hunger on school kids.

Adam wants his desk to make life easier and more comfortable for the people using it. He emphasises that the most beneficial aspect of his product is that it helps maintain good posture and prevents people from sitting down all day. His favourite features are how practical it is to adjust the height, how quick it is to assemble and that it looks great in completely different environments.

Following his fundraising success, Adam has shared a tip for other people considering raising money for FareShare and says: “If you’re thinking of ways to fundraise my advice would be to make your proposition appealing. This way the decision to donate is made easier. Think up an idea that people can get something out of and is enjoyable. It could be offering something you have made, so the proposition is more interesting and they are willing to donate more.”

FareShare would like to thank Adam for putting so much time and creativity into his standing desk project, with such an amazing fundraising initiative behind it. His support has been truly incredible. Read more about the project on Adam’s website by clicking here.