Volunteers share the view from the warehouse floor

31 August 2017

Every day across the UK, FareShare volunteers help to save good food from going to waste and get it out to thousands of charities and community groups that work with vulnerable people. No one knows food redistribution like they do. They’re true food heroes. Here we share their insider’s view and why they give their time to FareShare.

Sokol, London volunteer 2015, James Darling “Me? I’m always smiling”, Sokol

“I’m helping. I’m happy.” Sokol has been volunteering as a driver for FareShare London for 11 months. Every week he drives a FareShare van through the capital’s streets, delivering much-needed food to some of the 233 charities FareShare London supports. 

Sokol says “Before I was at FareShare I was caring for my wife. Now my wife is better and the children are older, so I come to FareShare. Since being here I know how to prepare food orders for delivery,  load the van and I’ve taken my LGV license. I would like to get a driving job and am looking for work. However I feel, I start driving and it makes me happy.”


Eleanor, Bobbie, Chris & Michael, volunteers London 2015 James Darling (2)

“Volunteering shakes you out of your nest”, Bobbie

“It gets you out of your comfort zone.” Bobbie retired in 2010 and for the past three years has volunteered each week in the lively London warehouse. Being part of a diverse team of volunteers is what keeps Bobbie coming back.

She says “It’s invigorating meeting people of all ages and walks of life in the warehouse, you are always learning. Being constantly in the company of people means you are never lonely and hopefully refine and grow your interpersonal skills.”



“Volunteering at FareShare I know I’ve done something to help”, Fintan

For volunteer Fintan, doing something tangible to help is what keeps him coming back.

He says “When I get home in the evening I can look back on the day and think that there are people in London who are having a meal tonight that they might not have had otherwise. With a lot of jobs you can come home and think to yourself ‘what difference have I actually made today?’. Volunteering at FareShare I know I’ve done something to help. ”


crop Maria Urmos - volunteer

“It’s a lovely environment to work in”, Maria

Maria has been volunteering with FareShare West Midlands for 12 months, she heard about FareShare through SIFA Fireside, a homeless drop in centre that uses FareShare food, where she also volunteers. 

She says “I’m a full-time carer and volunteering gets me out the house and builds up my self-esteem. I feel proud of what I do. The staff are friendly and it’s a lovely environment to work in, everyone laughs and jokes.”


Want to join our teams of food heroes around the UK? Find out more on our volunteering page.

About volunteering

  • Drive one of our vans to deliver food to charities and vulnerable people
  •  Save and sort food at our lively London warehouse
  • Chat to charities on the phone to find out what food they need
  • Make a tangible difference to your community
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“With a lot of jobs you can come home and think to yourself ‘what difference have I actually made today?’ Volunteering at FareShare I know I’ve done something to help.”