“We’re so lucky about what we have in life” Richard, London volunteer

26 March 2018


Richard, 54, from North London, volunteers at FareShare London in Deptford one day a week.

“I was working in the art business for 37 years, but I got fed up with the long hours and the long commute. I just felt burnt out and needed a change. I’d always done voluntary work and decided to spend a year doing more – so this was my chance. I work for another charity four days a week, and travel across London to FareShare on a Wednesday.

“I saw an article about FareShare in the paper about 18 months ago, and it got my attention. I hate seeing food going to waste, and the physical side of the work appealed, so I signed up. I do a whole day and there’s never a dull moment!

“I get a lot out of my time volunteering – new skills, meeting people and getting back into team activities – and I’m really happy giving something back. We’re so lucky about what we have in life – so much poverty is right on our doorstep, and we should all do our bit to help.

“My favourite moment? Day one, on the van. A week before I had been burning out in a workshop doing a job I couldn’t hack any more but on my first day at FareShare I witnessed first-hand where food went – breakfast clubs , nurseries, rehab centres and homeless shelters. This is real life, this is where the food goes”.


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About warehouse volunteering

  • Sort through surplus food in our warehouse and ensure its quality and safety.
  • Organise food into orders for our charity members.
  • Perfect if you are looking for a practical activity, looking to gain experience or just want to make a difference in your community.
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