#ActiveAte: A Thank you to our Food Partners

6 September 2019

With our #ActiveAte campaign coming to a close this week, we wanted to say a big thank you to the food partners who have donated much needed food for children facing hunger over the summer holidays.

With 3 million children at risk of going hungry due to the lack of access to free school meals, with your help our #ActiveAte programme reached over 720 holiday projects, providing them with enough food for 672,013 meals to help feed over 43,300 children weekly.

From cereal bars and fresh fruit to bottled water and burgers — thanks to our Food Partners, more summer programmes have been able to prepare meals and share food as part of their offering for children from low-income families.

Whether it’s ensuring the children have a good meal during the day, or providing food parcels to take home to cook with their family — your donated food has been able support vulnerable people that need it most. Thank you!