Break free from play dates by volunteering

FareShare volunteer Venessa Opoku

13 September 2017

The house is quiet, the kids are at school. You’ve caught up with friends, done all the jobs you’ve been putting off all summer and now it’s just you and the TV until it’s time to be back at the school gates.

“Knowing I'm helping people makes me happy and feel like I'm more than 'just a mum'.”

If this sounds familiar and you’re ready to break free from play dates and coffee shops catch-ups then there’s a solution you may have not considered. Volunteering. But not the dusty apron kind, the kind where for every hour you volunteer with FareShare you’re helping to feed some of the 8.4 million people across the country who are struggling to afford to eat.

Venessa's story: "I love meeting new people"

Many stay at home mums like Venessa Opoku from Bermondsey have found volunteering a great way to meet new people, make a difference to their local community as well providing the opportunity to have an adult conversation.

Venessa volunteers at our London Regional Centre in Deptford during term time so she can be home with her two boys aged 7 and 5 during the holidays. Venessa started volunteering because she was worried a career gap might put her at a disadvantage when she is ready to return to work.

“Things change so quickly now. Technology is constantly moving forward and I wanted to do something to keep my skills and CV up to date. Plus, I really like having other adults to talk to. Being at home for a long time can be quite lonely, I love meeting new people. Knowing I'm helping people makes me happy and feel like I'm more than just a mum. And, feeding 1000’s of people is a great achievement to add to my CV!”

What our volunteers do

Venessa supports FareShare London with her admirable administrative skills. She helps with stock control, checks invoices and monitors essential food hygiene compliance. There are a variety of volunteer roles at FareShare, from sorting and packing food, getting on the phones and organising food drops-offs and chatting to community chefs about what meals they could make from this week’s food deliveries. If getting out and meeting people is more your thing there are lots of roles for drivers and driver’s assistants too.

To find out more about volunteering at your local FareShare Regional Centre visit our volunteer page and register your interest.