Cranswick Plc hit 100,000 meals milestone

9 December 2019

  • Cranswick has diverted enough surplus food to create 100,000 meals for vulnerable people
  • They have used FareShare’s Surplus with Purpose funding to turn leftover sausage meat that would have been recycled into sausages

In just two years meat producer Cranswick has diverted enough surplus food to create an incredible 100,000 meals for vulnerable people.

“We’re very proud to work with FareShare, our partnership has enabled Cranswick to provide over 100,000 meals to people who need it most. As a business, Cranswick does a lot of work in our communities local to our sites through our Second Nature strategy and we understand the importance of improving access to nutritious food. FareShare enables us to reach the best possible homes for our surplus food across the whole of the UK.”

Claire Burcham, Group Second Nature Co-ordinator, Cranswick Plc

Cranswick started working with food charity FareShare in 2017 to send their surplus chicken to frontline charities. Now they redistribute a variety of surplus meat, via FareShare’s Hull & Humber and Yorkshire Regional Centres.

This meat is then delivered to UK charities including homeless hostels, school breakfast clubs, domestic violence refuges, and older people’s lunch clubs.

This year, Cranswick realised that sausage meat left in the piping at the end of a production run was being sent to anaerobic digestion, when it could be turned into sausages and given to those in need.

They used FareShare’s Surplus with Purpose Funding to cover costs of piping this surplus sausage meat into casings, packaging it, labelling it and freezing it (including labour costs).

This helped them to send enough sausages to help create over 80,000 additional meals.

Lindsay Boswell, CEO of FareShare:

Cranswick have been supporting FareShare with regular deliveries of surplus meat for two years now, and this milestone is a testament to their hard work and commitment to tackling food waste. Being able to supply the charities and community groups we support with regular access to good quality meat products is extremely important.

Cranswick are a great example of a food business making a concerted effort to identify harder to reach surplus in their operations and get it onto the plates of people who need it most. We hope many more businesses will follow Cranswick’s example, and access the Surplus with Purpose Fund to unlock additional surplus that could be sent to good causes.”