Donate to FareShare during the Big Give Christmas Challenge to make twice the impact

30 November 2021

FareShare is now encouraging individuals and companies to take part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge. For one week only all donations made through the Big Give will be matched, so supporters can have twice the impact. The fundraising challenge aims to raise £20,000, which doubled to £40,000, is enough for FareShare to distribute the equivalent of 160,000 meals to struggling families.

To benefit from the matched funding all giving must be done via the Big Give website between midday 30 November and midday 7 December. FareShare’s generous pledgers, Bureau Veritas UK and CBS Consulting, and Champion funder The Reed Foundation, will match all gifts in this period.

More families with children are currently experiencing food insecurity than during the first wave of the pandemic, funds raised through the Big Give will help FareShare reach local charities and community groups and provide food to people who need it. The redistributed food will be a much-needed lifeline to parents facing new challenges over the cold winter months and further into the New Year, including the sharp rise in energy and food prices.

Food provided by FareShare continues to reach over 10,000 local organisations. Two-thirds of the charities FareShare supplies support children and families. The positive impact of this food is felt throughout the year and has already started to make a difference over the approaching winter.

Kate, single mum to three children, receiving food through FareShare, said: “Winter is a very hard time for us. Bills, especially our energy bill, have gone up quite a lot, and with Christmas coming there’s always more pressure. The money I’ve saved on my shopping with FareShare has helped me save up for Christmas presents for the kids, and I can set aside a bit to help with the bills.”

Marissa, mum of two, receiving a weekly bag of food through FareShare, said: “We went from a household with an income, to one without a wage coming in. I started to think what am I going to do? (The impact of weekly food parcels)...it makes you feel safe.”

With donations from the Big Give Christmas Challenge, FareShare will be able to do more and go even further, providing food for families into 2022.

Big Give update: FareShare has reached its goal for the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2021. Thank you so much to everyone that supported or donated to the appeal, as well as for the incredible support of FareShare's generous pledgers Bureau Veritas UK and CBS Consulting and Champion Funder The Reed Foundation. Your help this week will provide 160,000 meals to families in need.