Earth Day: help us save 420,000 co2 emissions by signing the petition to #feedpeoplefirst

Environmental impact of food waste

20 April 2018

According to the latest research by Feedback, reducing food waste is the third most effective solution to climate change. Help the UK redistribute edible surplus and reduce co2 emissions by signing the #feedpeoplefirst petition.

This year, Earth Day focuses on reducing plastic pollution, an extremely important cause supported by the likes of Sir David Attenborough and the Queen. It is especially pertinent to the food industry, and many businesses, like leading supermarkets, are taking measures against plastic.

Food waste is another crucial issue which has a significant negative impact on the environment. If food waste was a country, it would be the third largest greenhouse gas emitter behind China and the United States. It generates eight per cent of global greenhouse emissions. This is equivalent to one third of all cars in the world driven for one year.

Research from environmental organisation Feedback confirms that after refrigerant management and onshore wind turbines, reducing food waste is the third most effective solution to fighting climate change.

FareShare redistributes more than 13,000 tonnes of food per year, and by preventing it from going to waste, saves an estimated 54,600 tonnes of co2 emissions, based on a calculation from a DEFRA report which estimates that each tonne of food waste prevented means 4.2 tonnes of co2 saved.

What you can do: three easy steps

1. Sign the #feedpeoplefirst petition to help us save 420,000 CO2 emissions every year

By making charitable food redistribution easier, we'll not only feed many of the 8.4 million people who go hungry in the UK, but also cut emissions. The fund we're asking the Government to create would make it possible to redistribute 100,000 tonnes of food every year, which would save 420,000 co2 emissions. Please sign the petition at feedpeoplefirst.org

2. If you've signed already, share with your friends, family, colleagues, and networks - every signature counts.

Here's a sample Twitter post, feel free to copy and share:

Reducing #foodwaste is the 3rd most effective solution to #climatechange. Help @FareShareUK redistribute 100,000 tonnes of edible surplus and reduce 420,000 tonnes of co2 emissions every year - sign the petition feedpeoplefirst.org #EarthDay #EarthDay2018 #feedpeoplefirst

3. Volunteer at your local FareShare Regional Centre.

In an average day, a FareShare volunteer sorts enough food for 500 meals, and makes a saving of 882 kg of co2 emissions! Sign up to volunteer in your local area.

Happy Earth Day!

Will you add your voice to the campaign and sign the petition?

Help us tell the Government to get food to those in need.


Deadline is 3 May 2018

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