Easter treats from FareShare Go

1 April 2018

The Hadfield Coming Together group celebrate the difference FareShare Go has made to their community.

Gillian Cox, 33, and her sister Jacqueline Cox, 39, from Derbyshire, started the Hadfield Coming Together group three years ago and haven’t looked back since. They are passionate about their community and help a variety of people from struggling young mums to lonely older people and vulnerable adults with mental health problems.

Every Thursday the sisters run a lunch club for the group in Carmel Church with the help of FareShare Go and the FareShare membership service, which they have been a part of both for almost two years.

Gillian said: “We simply couldn’t run the service without FareShare Go enabling us to collect surplus food from our local Tesco stores.  The staff at Tesco Hadfield go above and beyond for our church group, giving us bonus donations and even carrying cool boxes of food right to our doorstep, as they are based nearby.”

“There is so much goodness and not just at Easter time but all year around, “she adds.

Easter treats galore

Gillian and her team of nearly 20 volunteers make good use of the bread and vegetables received from FareShare Go, often in the form of a wholesome homemade soup, for the 50 members of the group.

Items collected can also include luxuries like flowers and chocolate. Over Easter, Gillian received a broken chocolate bunny and melted it down to make hot chocolate with cream. She also received 70 pineapples from Tesco Glossop that her team cut up and also used with the melted chocolate, much to the delight of the service users.

More than meals

A lot of the service users have become volunteers and then gone on to find paid work.

“Volunteering gives our users a purpose and they really like the respect they receive from others," said Gillian. "One example of this is Leanne, an unemployed, single parent who started volunteering two years ago. At the time she was trying to control her bipolar disorder and her self-confidence was rock bottom. With the help of Hadfield Coming Together group and FareShare, Leanne is now working at her local Tesco.”

To sign up and receive good quality surplus food from FareShare Go visit, www.fareshare.org.uk/fareshare-go