Faces of FareShare – Jon Whitefield, FareShare London

Richard Miller, volunteer, FareShare London

13 March 2018

What do you do at FareShare?

I’m a Warehouse Shift Coordinator, which involves working alongside a large group of volunteers on shift; and overseeing various warehouse-related activities. A typical day might include receiving, checking and sorting deliveries into FareShare units, creating food orders for our local partners and loading and unloading vehicles. It all has to be done quickly and efficiently, making sure we all adhere to food handling standards and minimise waste. The beauty and challenge is that each day is different.

“Every day is different – different people, different activities.”

Jon Whitefield

What experience do you bring to FareShare?

For the last eight years I’ve been working in supply chain logistics, warehousing and distribution with various organisations in both the not for profit and private sectors.

In Haiti after the earthquake, I managed sourcing construction materials for a shelter construction project. I also managed the distribution of non-food items, mainly clothing, shoes and basic emergency relief aid supplies in the Middle East.

Before joining FareShare I worked for a fine wine company that supplies and distributes wine UK wide and overseas.

So I’ve mostly worked in logistics roles - procurement, warehousing, distribution, a bit of import/export and some fleet management, and mainly for humanitarian charities. This is what drew me to FareShare - the work that it does to support both people in need and the local charity partners which are already on the ground providing the necessary services.

What do you like about working here?

The people I work with in my team, and the volunteers, everyone is great fun to be around. And every day is different – different people, different activities. We might do a good scrub of the warehouse, or I might go out with a driver, or help to sort and process the good quality food that arrives.

What’s a typical day?

I compare notes with my shift counterpart and then look at the demands for the day – how many vans are going out the next day, do we have enough stock to fill orders, are there deliveries coming in and when, and have we got enough volunteers for the day – everything and anything.

Favourite FareShare moment so far?

An ideal day would be that deliveries arrive when they should, all the volunteers have made it in and things are running when they should – that’s a happy and productive day for me.

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