Faces of FareShare – Kirsty Walsh, Merseyside and the Wirral

16 May 2018

What is your role at FareShare?

I’m Merseyside Business Development Manager. I oversee the warehouses, look at new opportunities to source food from food suppliers and local growers and expand our coverage into North Wales and Cheshire so we can help feed even more people in need.

“This job has restored my faith in humanity; that people are willing to do things for other people for little or no pay.”

Kirsty Walsh

We currently supply about 200 charities and community groups with food, and feed about 23,000 people in food poverty each week.

What brought you to FareShare?

I’ve always cared about the environment, never been one for waste. My nan grew up during WW2 and was always on about not wasting anything. Reuse, recycling, mend, fix – that was her approach and it’s mine as well.

I was supervisor in a warehouse on the Wirral, and then joined FareShare Go, working with Tesco to help local charities access Tesco food from local stores. I was working with lots of charities right across the region, and loving it, but then saw that the Merseyside Business Development Manager was leaving and liked that it was local to me. I was born and raised in the area – this is my patch!

What do you like about working here?

I like meeting lots of different people and making a really positive difference to peoples’ lives.

The charities I meet every day are amazing, they deal with so many social issues. This job has restored my faith in humanity, that people are willing to do things for other people, for little or no pay.

What’s a typical day?

I usually head to one of the warehouses, chat to staff and volunteers, meet with new charities and food partners. Every day is different – today I’m sorting out free manual handling and first aid training for volunteers. Tomorrow I’m heading to the West Midlands regional centre to see how they do things and pick up or pass on any tips.

Favourite FareShare moment so far?

Hitting the 10,000 signatures for our Feed People First campaign – we’re so excited to have so many supporters!

What’s your favourite food?

Hot and spicy pizza- homemade is always better!

For job opportunities with FareShare, please visit http://fareshare.org.uk/careers/.

Or you might consider volunteering – there are lots of opportunities available across the UK - http://fareshare.org.uk/get-involved/volunteering/