FareShare funding unlocks more of DGM Growers’ surplus for charity

13 September 2019

DGM Growers started their partnership with FareShare in 2019, supplying the charity with end of shelf life produce that was fit for human consumption but had previously been sent to anaerobic digestion or animal feed. They wanted to go one step further, ensuring as many courgettes as possible go to frontline charities, including those that, in previous years, might not have been harvested at all.

“As British farmers we face constantly changing weather conditions that directly impact our crops, whether that is a lot of rain, continued warm weather or cold spells, it is something that we cannot control but that has a consequence. Working with FareShare allows us to manage our crops more effectively; the opportunity to have a market that can handle any production peaks, odd shaped or soiled product (that is unsuitable for retailers but still fresh and healthy) has a positive effect on our business and vastly reduces food waste. We are delighted with the relationship that we have established this summer and hope that all recipients of our freshly harvested vegetables are equally pleased.”

Simon Scott, General Manager at DGM Growers

In July, when DGM Growers had excess volumes, previously their most cost effective solution was to simply plough the courgettes back in and keep harvesting only from subsequent plots. Instead, thanks to FareShare’s Surplus with Purpose Fund, DGM Growers were able to harvest the product themselves, covering the costs of doing so and therefore keeping the field in supply, which meant that they were then able to offer subsequent volumes to FareShare. That fresh veg was then delivered to FareShare and distributed through its network of charities.