Fighting festival food waste with Lambeth Country Show

Food Donated From Cocktail

20 July 2017

From pulled pork to tasty thalis, festival food has come a long way since a greasy bag of chips was all you could hope for. But with so much food on offer these days, festivals can generate quite a bit of food waste once the music stops.

So last weekend we joined forces with Lambeth Country Show to stop good food from going to waste at the event, which is London’s biggest free festival. At the end of the two days of music and sheep shearing (!) our food waste fighting volunteers collected unused  - but still edible -  ingredients from food and drink traders. This week we've been busy delivering all that lovely bread, fruit and veg to charities supporting vulnerable people across the capital.

A big shout out to everyone who helped over the two days - from volunteers and food traders to the brilliant team at Lambeth Country Show. Together we can make sure no good food goes to waste!

Waste at festivals is something that is increasingly coming under the spotlight. This year at Glastonbury Festival, Aid Box Community collected unwanted tents, sleeping bags and non-perishable food items for refugees in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

While at Lambeth Country Show, we took the opportunity to spread the message about fighting hunger and food waste. At our stall in the Eco Zone we spoke to lots of lovely people, signed up some new volunteers and, you know, dressed up as fruit and veg... Anything to get the food waste message out!