Fowler Welch names FareShare as Charity of the Year

Fowler Welch FareShare lorry

11 May 2017

Fowler Welch, a leading logistics provider for the UK food industry, has named FareShare as their Charity of the Year. The partnership will see Fowler Welch employees raise money and awareness for the food charity, supporting their work to redistribute good food that might otherwise go to waste to frontline charities across the UK. Every £1 raised will mean FareShare can redistribute enough food for four meals for people in need.

As part of the partnership, Fowler Welch have organised the Big Bike Challenge on 26th – 30th June this year. The challenge will see some of the company’s adventurous employees cycle 1,000 miles, starting at their depot in Newton Abbot in Devon and ending at the other end of the country in their depot in Washington, Tyne and Wear. The cyclists will drop in on their other depots en route, including Hilsea in Portsmouth, Paddock Wood and Teynham in Kent, Spalding, Nuneaton, and Heywood in Manchester. Those working within the depots will also have the chance to complete the same number of miles in The Big Exercise Bike Challenge.

The Charity of the Year partnership builds on Fowler Welch’s existing work with FareShare to encourage their customers to do the right thing with their surplus food. Recognising that their customers often had overstocks and cancelled orders at their manufacturing sites, in October 2016 the logistics company put new processes in place which enables companies to simply and easily send any surplus food to FareShare, so it can be used to feed people in need rather than be wasted.

In the six months since the scheme began, Fowler Welch have transported enough surplus food to provide half a million meals for people in need, with 14 new food businesses now sending their surplus food to FareShare through Fowler Welch. These include a number of leading food suppliers. The scheme saves money, benefits charities and communities, and makes use of existing collections and delivery routes to transport surplus stock to FareShare Regional Centres.

Nick Hay, CEO of Fowler Welch, said: "No matter how efficient your business, food waste occurs for a range of reasons. Many companies are eager to help make a difference but simply don’t know where to begin, so we are using our logistical expertise to help solve this problem.

“By offering our logistics services to the FareShare scheme, we are giving businesses a way to help some of the 8.4 million people in the UK struggling to afford a meal. Collections will happen at the same time as their usual service and surplus food that would otherwise go to waste will be taken to provide a lifeline for disadvantaged people on their doorstep.

“It’s an exciting collaboration and the reason we chose to support FareShare as our nominated charity of the year, where we hope to raise money and awareness for this worthwhile cause.”

Lindsay Boswell, CEO of FareShare, said: “We are incredibly proud to be named by Fowler Welch as their Charity of the Year. We started working together last year, and since then Fowler Welch has transported surplus food from Tesco suppliers and manufacturers to us using their network. This has enabled 14 new food businesses to do the right thing with their surplus food and provided over 500,000 meals for vulnerable people. Fowler Welch is a fantastic example of a logistics company that are not only helping to reduce food waste, but also enabling their customers to work with us. We would encourage other logistics companies to follow their lead, and to get in touch with us to explore how they can help.”