Half-term isn’t always full of happiness


19 February 2019

Half term should be a time of fun, but, for the one in five children growing up in a household where food is scarce, the break can be hard.

1.7m UK children rely on free school meals, and, during the holidays, that support disappears.

Pastor Bob Light from Flowers of Justice, a community project in Southampton which receives food from of FareShare Go, sees first-hand the affect poverty can have on local families.

“I help around 50 families on the estate by handing out food bags providing each of them an average of 4-5 meals worth of food,” says Bob. “The mums on the estate get involved and join me to pack the bags and help distribute them. It means they can help others and of course they see their children’s energy levels improve.”

Through FareShare, Flowers of Justice receive a wide range of food, which they then distribute to local families facing hardship. Bob adds: “I have seen the diets of the children on the estate changing as mums learn to cook more nutritious meals with the food they are provided with. I know these streets and the people who live on them so well. We are trying to make life more comfortable, stop families being torn apart and, most importantly, we are helping people to eat. The food provided through Flowers of Justice is a vital lifeline.”

FareShare get food to almost a million people a week, including children, through a network of frontline charities like Flowers of Justice. Find out how you can get involved.

*Image: Central Street Cookery School. James Darling.