International Women’s Day at FareShare: Meet Alyson


6 March 2019

Across Fareshare, we’ve got hundreds of amazing women who are working every day to tackle food waste and fight hunger across the UK. To mark International Women’s day, we’re meeting just a few of them.

Alyson Walsh, Commercial Director at FareShare has worked in the food industry for over 10 years.

Alyson has worked at FareShare since 2016. She oversees all fundraising, volunteering and marketing activities within the organisation. “Whoever the audience is, I want to tell them how they can get involved with FareShare and why,” she says.

“I’m a total foodie and was thrilled that I could combine my passion for Marketing, Food and making a difference,” says Alyson. “I love working here because no matter how much amazing work we’re doing, there’s always more we can do to help make an impact, which makes every day exciting and challenging”.

So what’s Alyson’s advice on getting ahead in the charity sector?
“Get the commercial experience first. This will provide routes into supplier relationships, agency management, evaluation and insights. Then use that to power your personal passion to make a difference. You’ll then be able to add even more value to any non-profit you join or even give you the skills to set up your own social enterprise.”

Think you’ve got skills to offer FareShare? Check out our current vacancies, or volunteer your time.