It’s food safety week!

IPL fruit at FareShare Yorkshire

19 June 2017

Food safety is at the heart of everything we do at FareShare. It's not just about redistributing great tasting, good quality food, it's also about making sure that that food is safe to eat.

Want to find out more about food safety and why it's so important? Then head over to the Food Standards Agency website for their Safe Summer Food Guide -- so you can enjoy the perfect picnic.

We've also produced a handy PDF with our top tips for making sure your kitchen at home is a safe place to prepare food. Download our printable PDF here.

FareShare and food safety

We do not redistribute food that has exceeded its USE BY DATE.

By complying with food safety legislation that applies to the food and drink industry (and any organisation handling food), our charity members can be confident that the food they receive from us is safe for even the most vulnerable person to eat, and therefore the retailers and manufacturers with whom we have partnerships can be confident that we will deal with their surplus food responsibly. And this means we can source greater volumes of food for people in need.

Find out more about the food we take

Food safety, full traceability and compliance is at the core of the FareShare operating model.

Each FareShare Regional Centre logs goods in and out on our online stock management system and can perform product recalls. Our Regional Centres are annually audited by NSF International; we also check every charity that receives food from us is compliant with food hygiene and food safety regulations below, to ensure that they are handling the food they receive from us safely.

  • the Food Safety Act
  • the Food Safety and Hygiene Regulations 2013
  • Regulation (EC) 852/2004 and local Environmental Health protocols.

Find out more about our traceability and compliance systems and how we look after the food we redistribute