Lupa Foods access FareShare’s Surplus with Purpose Fund to provide 80,000 meals

8 October 2021

UK food supplier Lupa Foods started working with FareShare during the pandemic to provide surplus ambient products such as pasta, rice and quinoa to charities supporting vulnerable people.  

“We are delighted to be partnering with FareShare, an exemplary organisation that mirrors our values towards a fairer society and our belief that all food is better shared. We recognise that industry has a vital role within the current circumstances and are proud to support such an effective and worthwhile programme of food distribution. Lupa Foods will be supporting FareShare throughout 2021, and well into the future, and we strongly encourage other industry leaders to make their own contribution where possible.”

Manish Mandavia, Director at Lupa Foods

Utilising FareShare’s Surplus with Purpose fund, which covers the associated costs to businesses of redistributing food that may otherwise go to waste, Lupa Foods were able to divert its surplus food to charities 

Previously Lupa were having to send perfectly good to eat surplus products to waste, but the fund unlocked a way for them to safely divert their products via our UK-wide network of over 10,500 frontline charities and community groups. 

An estimated 2m of the 3.6m tonnes of food wasted across the food industry is still good-to-eat when it is discarded. FareShare’s Surplus with Purpose scheme helps to cover the extra costs to small-scale farmers, growers and producers of redistributing their good-to-eat waste food, rather than let it rot in the ground, use it for animal feed, or send it to land fill. 

Lupa who were previously sending their surplus pasta, rice and quinoa to animal feed is now able to get its food to organisations who then turn it into nutritious meals for vulnerable families and individuals, many of whom are at risk of hunger. 

Thank you Lupa Foods you are #foodheroes