McCain Food GB help support frontline charities with food donation

17 December 2020

In a time of real food insecurity, a large donation of more than 200 tonnes of potatoes to FareShare from McCain Food GB has been impactful in many ways.  

Between May and June 2020, McCain Food GB diverted 60 pallets of potatoes each week to FareShare, with total of 462 pallets delivered across the two-month period. They were supported by R.S Cockerills who packed and dispatched a total of 207 tonnes of potatoes. 

They have also committed to donating food, the equivalent of 1.4 million meals worth, to help support FareShare’s continued efforts to provide nutritious food to those facing food poverty during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

This phenomenal support has helped FareShare continue to meet urgent and increased demand for food during the initial Covid-19 UK lockdown. As a result of the Covid-19 outbreak, demand for food from FareShare has doubled and seen the charity support an additional 900 new organisations since March 2020. 

This recent donation also marks the first time McCain has provided fresh produce to FareShare, in addition to the frozen surplus they have provided since first partnering with FareShare in 2013. 

The potatoes made a great addition to the food parcels delivered to people in need by the charities and community groups supported by FareShare.  

Mike Thomas, FareShare Thames Valley Warehouse Manager, said: We’ve been using the potatoes in our food parcel boxes that we are sending out to over 2,000 households every week.”  

“We are loving the spuds and so are the people receiving them,” said a spokesperson from a Community Centre in Preston. “They get a share with every bag collection or box delivery. If you have bread and spuds you always have a meal. Thank you.” 

Having a reliable and consistent weekly donation of potatoes allowed FareShare’s UK regional warehouses, and the charities that they support, to plan ahead and ensure enough food is provided to individuals in need in the community 

FareShare’s mission is to ensure no good food goes to waste. As the UK’s largest food redistribution charity, with more than 30 warehouses across the UK, we take food from the food industry that can’t be sold in shops, either because of packaging errors, a short shelf life or overproduction. That food, which is the same as the food you’d eat at home, is then redistributed through a network of 11,000 frontline organisations, across the UK such as homeless hostels, school breakfast clubs, domestic violence refuges, older people’s lunch clubs, food banks and hospices.

Since the pandemic, FareShare has more than doubled its work, providing the equivalent of more than 2 million meals a week to people who might not otherwise eat.