Meet Netherley Youth & Community Initiative

12 November 2019

Netherley Youth & Community Initiative is a community hub located in South Liverpool offering services to local families and individuals and promoting healthier, happier lifestyles.

“We look upon ourselves as being the blood flow of the community, because whenever there is an issue, or a problem, or a need, people know they can come here and they will be supported instantly. I have had a person come in and say I’ve got no food in, and we will empty our fridge and hand it over. We are here to meet people's needs and that's why we set up the charity.

“The food from FareShare is a big plus for us, it will be used in a variety of ways, either supporting the afterschool and breakfast provision, providing the food bank, and the cooking classes, plus we disperse the food in the local community. 90% of the families that we support here have been helped by the food we provide.”

Sharon Williams, Project Manager

Based at the heart of the community they are a lifeline for the hundreds of families they support. They provide services for the local community, offering breakfast, afterschool and play schemes, youth clubs, a gardening project, a food bank, a drop-in centre, educational and recreational courses, and a community gym.

The centre is accessed by around 150 people per week but their impact reaches far wider than that. They are set up to meet the needs of the community in an area where employment is low, and there are minimal local services and resources.

The centre also runs daily breakfast and afterschool clubs, which currently have around 70 children enrolled. Children are picked up before school and taken along to the centre. Here they receive a healthy breakfast to set them up for the day, and have the opportunity to play and socialise before being dropped off at school.

“Food is the basis of what we are set out to do in the community, food makes the world go around. We started doing the breakfast and afterschool clubs because kids were going to school hungry. This was reflected in their schooling because concentration levels were low, they were getting tired and sluggish and so the breakfast clubs encourage the children to eat healthy, do some exercise, and have a more structured day, therefore increasing their concentration and their learning skills.

FareShare supports over 10,000 charities like Netherley Youth & Community Initiative. Help us to continue our work fighting hunger by sending us your surplus food.

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