More than one million meals donated through Tesco Permanent Collection Points

16 February 2018

Generous shoppers have donated a million meals by dropping long-life food, such as rice, pasta, tea and tins, into collection points in Tesco stores.

“Next time you're doing your weekly shop, drop an item into the collection point. Making a difference can be as easy as pie!”

Steffie Clement, Partnerships Officer, FareShare

This week we’re celebrating the one million meals that Tesco shoppers have donated to FareShare by adding an extra item to their shop and dropping it off at the collection point in stores. Across over 100 stores, customers can choose to donate items of food to the nearest FareShare Regional Centre and we’ve been overwhelmed by your generosity.

While here at FareShare we receive a steady supply of surplus fresh food, we do rely on donations to help provide store cupboard essentials to the 7,000 charity groups we deliver to. Long-life products, such as rice, pasta, tea or tins, are combined with fresh food to help provide well-balanced meals for vulnerable people.

Moreover, Tesco pay a 20% financial top-up on the food you donate to our charity to help us feed more people in need. So the more you give, the more they give.

So the next time you’re doing your weekly shop, why not add an extra item to your trolley and drop it off on your way out. It’s as easy as pie. Fray Bentos Pie!

To find out more about how you can donate food to FareShare please visit: www.fareshare.org.uk/giving-food/permanent-collection-points