Stop Food Waste Day | How to cut down your food waste with FareShare

FareShare Stop Food Waste Day

23 April 2019

What will you do to fight food waste this Stop Food Waste Day?

Whether you're cutting your food waste at home, or looking for ways your organisation can tackle the problem, there's lots of things you can do to make a difference. Did you know...

  • Globally, one third of the food we produce is wasted, instead of eaten. If food waste was a country, it would be the third biggest source of carbon emissions in the world
  • According to figures from WRAP, most food waste happens in the home. UK households generate 7.1 million tonnes/year of which 5.0 tonnes are avoidable. Overall 13% of edible food and drink purchases are wasted at a cost of £540 per year for an average household
  • Every year the food and drink industry wastes over 250,000 tonnes of food that’s still in-date and good to eat. That’s enough to create 650 million meals
  • Last year, FareShare saved 16,992 tonnes of food from waste, enough to create 36.7m meals for vulnerable people (saving the voluntary sector £28.7m)

What are your food waste goals?

If you’re a business or organisation…

Target, Measure, Act
Wrap and IGD have developed the ‘Target, Measure, Act’ Food Waste Reduction Roadmap and Toolkit to help businesses to measure, report on and then tackle their food waste. 87 of the UK’s biggest retailers, food producers and manufacturers have already committed to tackling their food waste, with 250 set to join by 2026.

Book a FareShare 'waste walk'
Whether it’s damaged packaging or incorrect forecasting, surplus can occur when it's least expected. That's where FareShare can help. Our food team offer on-site ‘waste walks’ to help you pinpoint the areas where food can become surplus, and help you put together a strategy to divert that food to frontline charities.
To book your waste walk contact us via email: foodoffers@fareshare.org.uk

Find out just how easy diverting your surplus to charities can be
Fareshare offer a simple, sustainable, cost effective solution to food waste, and one that benefits thousands of UK charities. Don’t take our word for it, check out these stories from just a few of our 500 food partners.

If you want to tackle food waste at home…

  • Plan your meals…make a list of what you’ll need for the week, don’t just buy food on the off chance you’ll want it later, or because it’s on offer.
  • Get creative with your leftovers… Why not transform leftover your chicken or veg into a frittata or a risotto, or blitz crusts in a blender to create a tasty breadcrumb topping?
  • Freeze, freeze, freeze…. Most cooked food and chilled meats can be frozen, but did you know you can parboil then freeze your vegetables too? You can also freeze chopped up leftover herbs in ice cube trays!

Find out what you can do to support FareShare by donating or volunteering, or, if you're a company looking to divert surplus food to charities you can get in touch with the FareShare Food Team.