Student Volunteer Stories: Meet Leanne


12 February 2019

Did you know that becoming a Student Volunteer at FareShare can help you gain new skills and improve your career prospects. We catch up with Leanne, who volunteers at FareShare in Leeds, while studying for her Master’s degree at Leeds Beckett University.

Leanne, why did you start volunteering at FareShare?

“In order for me to complete my Master’s degree in nutrition, I was required to undertake a four-week long placement. I thought FareShare was the perfect place to do it as I had never had the chance to gain some experience in a warehouse environment. I enjoyed my placement that much that I now plan to continue volunteering 1-2 days a week”.

And what do you do at FareShare?

“I’m a warehouse assistant. This involves the manual unloading, sorting and storage of quality surplus food delivered from a range of manufacturers and supermarkets which would otherwise have gone to landfill. I also assemble orders from the surplus food available so that it can be delivered to local community groups and charities such as school clubs, halfway houses and groups for older people.”

Why FareShare?

“I decided to volunteer at FareShare because after lots of lectures on food sustainability, I took an interest in how big the scale of the problem of good quality food waste going straight into landfill. I wanted to get involved in a project which utilises and redistributes this good quality surplus food for the better.”

What’s the best part of volunteering at FareShare?

“I have met so many different and friendly people. It’s been incredible to learn about all the dedicated charities and community centres who FareShare work with and how grateful they are for the food FareShare provide to them.”

What new skills has volunteering given you?

“Skills I have gained from volunteering at FareShare include the art of communication and confidence with new people, which I would have considered to be weaknesses of mine prior to volunteering.”

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